How to Remove Write Protection From Pen Drive?

Sometimes when we try to transfer or copy some data on a USB Drive or a memory card we get an error The Disk is Write Protected and you can’t transfer data on that USB drive or pen drive. A pen drive is write protected to protect it from unnecessary uses. This is the very annoying and common problem faced by many users in the world wide and unfortunately there are no such particular way to remove write protection from Pen drive or USB drive. But if you follow some ways then you might be able to remove write protection from Pen drive or any USB drive. If you  facing this problem and loking for some ways to solve this issue then you are at right place  because today in this article we are going to give you some working method to remove write protection from a pen drive or a memory card. Solve Windows was Unable to Complete the Format

Best 3 Method to Remove Write Protection From Pen Drive

Now Follow the below steps one by one to remove Write protection from pen drive and check if it works for you.

Remove write protection by Registry Editor

This is one of the oldest and working methods to remove write protection from a USB Pen drives or a SD memory cards. In this method you need to make some changes and access registry settings.

  • Insert write protected pen drive on your system.
  • Open RUN by pressing CTRL+R and type Regedit to open windows registry editor.
  • Now find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies and click on it.
  • Now double click on the Write Protect Key and in the appeared box enter value as 0 and press OK.
  • Now remove Pen drive and restart your system and now you are free from write protection.

Note: If there is nothing like StorageDevicePolicies then open notepad and paste this code and save as .bat file.
cd reg add “HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePolicies” /t Reg_dword /v WriteProtect /f /d 1.
Double click on .bat file and it will add the registry key

Note:Before doing anything with windows registry  its always recommended to take back up your windows registry , because if anything goes wrong then you ca easily restore windows registry.

Remove write protection by Command Prompt

I f the above method does not worked for you then you can try this method. Now follow these steps.

  • First of all Go to Run and type CMD and Hit Enter to open commend prompt.
  • Now type DISKPART and press enter and you will see a new window will open.
  • Now type ListDisk and press Enter.
  • After that type attributes disk clear readonly and this will clear the write protection.
  • In this method you can clear Read only attributes which clears all write protection value and you can use your pen drive.

Remove write protection by Formatting Pen Drive

When your pen drive is write protected then you can’t format it directly from your computer. In this case you need to follow the below steps to format your pen drive properly and remove write protection.

  • Go to Control Panel>>>Administrative Tools>>>Computer Management>>>Disc Management from the left hand column.
  • Now right click on pen drive and select Format and click ok.
  • Now Your pen drive will formatted and it will remove the write protection from your pen drive


There are so many methods are available to remove write protection but here we listed only best Three working method. The methods defined here are totally different from each other’s and may not work for you so it is advised to follow all the method. All the above methods work for many of the people. So Now let us know which method works for you or not in your comment and also let us know if you know any other method to remove write protection from pen drive or any usb drive.

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