Rajinikanth Political Entry: New Political Party in January, Rajinikanth Tweeted

There was speculation. Finally, ‘Thalaiva’ announced on Twitter that he would bring his own political party. He is entering the field with his party in 2021. He will make the official announcement on December 31. “They are going to win the upcoming assembly elections,” Thalaiva wrote in a tweet. His party will work without any distinction of religion or caste.


Fans have been flocking to the state of Tamil Nadu for a long time demanding to see Rajinikanth in politics. They want to see Anna in the Chief Minister’s seat, fans claim.

Rajinikanth told reporters on Monday that he would announce his next political move soon. He then had a long meeting with ‘Rajni Makkal Mandaram’. Then he hinted at bringing in a new team. “I will inform you about my next political move very soon,” he said.

Even before this, there was speculation about Rajinikanth entering politics. The 2017 Tamil superstar announced that he is going to enter politics. He did not announce it on behalf of any political party. It was also heard that Rajini was joining the BJP! But in all likelihood he poured water on himself. Later it was also heard that Rajini thought of forming a team because of her physical health.

In 2019, the southern superstar said, “He will not contest the Lok Sabha elections.” At the same time, he said, “Not only that, he also gave the message that his party will not support any political party. At the same time, he instructed that his picture should be like the flag of Rajini Makkal Mandaram, Rajini Fan Club should not be used by any party in their promotion.

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