PM Narendra Modi Meet: “No More Waiting, Vaccine in India in a Few Weeks “

You don’t have to wait long for the corona vaccine. That is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. “Vaccines in India in the next few weeks,” he said.

An all-party meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister on the situation in the country. Meetings are through virtual. In addition to the Covid-19 situation, vaccines were also discussed at the meeting. Several Union Ministers were present. There were opposition leaders in both chambers.

Narendra Modi

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government with a vaccine. He tweeted that the Prime Minister had said that everyone would get the corona vaccine. Before the Bihar vote, the BJP promised that every Bihar resident would get the corona vaccine. Now the central government says it has never been told everyone will be vaccinated. Rahul’s question, then what is the position of the Prime Minister?

Today, after the meeting, the Prime Minister said, “Trials of three different vaccines are underway in India. No need to wait too long for the vaccine. Vaccine in India in the next few weeks. Vaccines in India only if companies are given the green light. ‘

PM also said that the Corona fighters will get the vaccine first. “Those who need the vaccine will get it first,” he said. A task force has been formed on this. ‘He also said,’ India will help other countries with vaccines.

Earlier, the Prime Minister visited three cities in the country on Monday to find out the stage of corona vaccine development in India. He went to Ahmedabad in the morning, Hyderabad in the afternoon and finally to the vaccine lab in Pune. Talked to researchers.

Zydus Cadila is developing a vaccine called Zycov-D in a lab in Ahmedabad. Zydus Cadila has completed the first phase clinical trial. They have been conducting the second phase of the test since August. After the PPE kit, the Prime Minister went to the lab and inquired about the progress of vaccine making.

After Ahmedabad, the Prime Minister’s second destination was the India Biotech office in Hyderabad. Covaxin, another native corona antidote, is being developed there. Covaxin is in the third stage of the trial. The Prime Minister also talked to the researchers there and inquired about the vaccine.

After Hyderabad, the last destination of the Prime Minister was the Pune Serum Institute. The Serum Institute is working with Oxford and AstraZeneca to develop the corona vaccine in this country.

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