How To Fix Xbox One or Xbox 360 Won’t Turn On?

If you own an Xbox One, but suddenly there is an issue with the power supply, and you cannot turn on Xbox One or Xbox 360, then I have some quick fixes for you. I can understand you are disappointed because of the sudden interruption of your gaming experience. You are not alone facing this issue, and this is nothing new with Xbox consoles. Many users have faced this issue and fixed it by themselves, following some simple steps.

There are several reasons because of which you can face this issue. But similarly, there are some easy fixes available to solve this technical issue. So, let’s get started and learn how to fix Xbox One won’t turn on problem. Apart from Xbox one, you can also try these solutions on Xbox 360 gaming console too.

Before getting started with the solution, you should know for which reasons it can happen. Once you identify the exact issue, you can troubleshoot the same by following the solutions given below.

Possible reasons behind Xbox One Power issue:

Make sure the power supply wires are connected firmly, correctly and not loose. This is the primary problem that people ignore and often panic about. Also, check whether the HDMI is appropriately connected too.

Another common issue could be overheated consoler, or the controller charge may be low or zero. Sometimes the Xbox one sounds beep but don’t turn on, which can be frustrating too.

If you are still unable to fix this issue, then try the solutions given below.

How to fix Xbox One won’t Turn on error:

Problem with Controller: 

If you are trying to turn on the Xbox using the controller, make sure it has enough battery and batteries active. In case the batteries are obsolete, then replace them and try. One more thing can be done by connecting the controller with a USB cable.

If you connect the connect with USB and it works, you can confirm that the issue is with the battery. If nothing works for you, then replace the controller and try again. You can also try to turn on by pressing the power button on the console itself.

Power cycle the Xbox:

First of all, plug in the Xbox and hold the power button for 10 seconds. It will automatically turn on, and the power light will become orange which means it is now in standby mode.

This process also reset the console settings, which automatically solves multiple issues like games not launching, download freezing, game crash etc. Now try to turn on the device, and hopefully, it should start if the issue is minor. 

Power supply malfunction: 

If the cord is not seated correctly on the console or not plugged in securely and perfectly, then it can also show an error like Xbox power on but sounds beep issue. Try to seat the console properly or replace the power supply to fix the error.

Press the eject button repeatedly:

If you tried to turn on Xbox one or 360 by controller and console button and wires are also connected properly, but still not turning on, try an unorthodox trick, tap the eject button rapidly. You don’t need to put any game disc on it to do so.

You can also try to hold the controller middle button and tap the eject button repeatedly before the console is turned on. Many users have fixed Xbox power on an issue using this strange trick, and you should try this too.

Check auto-shutdown settings: 

There is one auto-shutdown option on your Xbox, which can also cause the issue. To turn it off, go to the settings option, then choose Power and Start-Up.

Check the auto-shutdown settings and turn it off immediately. There is another setting for instant-on, which puts the Xbox in sleep mode instead of proper shutdown. It is suitable for faster power up next time, but it can also cause Xbox not to turn on related issues. 

The power strip is broken:

One of the most common issues is when the power strip is damaged. It can be a power surge or broken wires inside while moving it. Check the strip is working or not by plugging in other devices.

If there are some issues with the power strip, then replace it and try again. Also, check the power cable and the power brick is properly functioning or not.

Overheating issue: 

Check if the console’s vents are clear so that it can draw in the air easily. If there are some other objects placed near the console and interrupting airflow, it will also cause overheating. Your console will automatically shut down in between gaming or other operation.

Problem with display: 

Check the HDMI cable is connected correctly or not. If you have a second HDMI cable, then try to replace it and check because unless the console detects a working display, it will not start, and the problem will continue.

Try different ports on your TV because some of the ports could be damaged for dust, rust, or other issues.

Issues with the motherboard: 

Well, it can be an advanced issue and better if you go to a service centre. The motherboard can be damaged for so many reasons. Until and unless it is replaced, your console will not start again.

Contact Xbox care: 

So, you have every solution mentioned above but still unable to turn on your Xbox one or 360. Well, there might be some issues with the hardware or some internal issues. In such cases, it highly not recommended to open the console or the controller by yourself.

It is better to contact your nearest Xbox service centre and repair by professionals. You can visit their official website and find the customer care centre nearby easily.


Hopefully, now you will be able to fix Xbox won’t turn on problem easily. Most of the methods are easy and does not require much technical knowledge. The service centre should check only the motherboard issue. If the issue is minor, then it will be resolved by following the above fixes. In case you are stuck or unsure what to do then always contact nearby service centre and repair there.

I hope you don’t have to go to the service centre and solve by yourself following the methods mentioned above. Do let me know which method worked for you and share the article with others struggling with the same.

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